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Summary of Investments

The following tables represent a summary of investments available under the Optional Retirement Program.

Fund Category Fund Name
Money MarketFidelity Cash Reserves
Core Fixed Income/Intermediate Term BondFidelity U.S. Bond Index/Western Asset Core Bond
Inflation-Linked BondsBlackRock Inflation Protection Bond Institutional
BalancedFidelity Balanced Fund
Large-Cap Blend Equity (Passive)Spartan U.S. Equity Index
Large-Cap Blend Equity (Active)Fidelity Contrafund
Large-Cap Growth EquityFidelity Blue Chip Growth Fund
Large-Cap Value EquityBlackRock Equity Dividend Fund
Large-Cap Foreign Large BlendFidelity Spartan Global ex-U.S Index
Mid-Cap EquityFidelity Mid Cap Stock Fund
Small-Cap EquityFidelity Small Cap Stock Fund
Small-Cap Blend IndexFidelity Spartan Small Cap Index
International/Global EquityFidelity Diversified International Fund/Fidelity Mutual Global Discovery Fund
Socially ResponsibleNeuberger Berman Socially Responsive Fund
Lifecycle FundsFidelity Freedom Funds (13 funds)
Fund Category Fund Name
Money MarketTIAA-CREF Money Market Account
Stable ValueTIAA-CREF Traditional Guaranteed Annuity
Core Fixed Income/Intermediate Term BondVanguard Total Bond market Index Fund/TIAA-CREF Bond Market Account
Inflation-Linked BondsBlackRock Inflation Protection Bond Institutional
BalancedTIAA-CREF Social Choice Account
Large-Cap Blend Equity (Passive)TIAA-CREF Equity Index Account
Large-Cap Blend Equity (Active)TIAA-CREF Stock Account
Large-Cap Growth EquityTIAA-CREF Growth Account
Large-Cap Value EquityAmerican Funds Washington Mutual Fund
Large-Cap Foreign Large BlendVanguard Total International Stock Index
Mid-Cap EquityTIAA-CREF Mid Cap Value Fund/Mid Cap Growth
Small-Cap EquityTIAA-CREF Small Cap Equity Fund
Small-Cap Blend IndexTIAA-CREF Small-Cap Blend Index
International/Global EquityTIAA-CREF American FundsEuroPacific Growth Fund/ TIAA-CREF Global Equities Account
Socially ResponsibleTIAA-CREF Social Choice Account
Lifecycle FundsTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Funds (11 funds)